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Important Announcement 

Training Tracking and Safety Courses have Transitioned to EHSA      


·      EHSA User Manual for Training Module

·      Access Web-Based Safety Training

·      Register for In-person Safety Training

CATTS is no receiving data from Chalk and will not have the latest training history for you or your staff.  Chalk as an online training platform is no longer available to us as of December 17, 2018. 

Environmental Health and Safety along with the Office of Research Safety, have been working on transitioning our online safety training from Chalk to the EH&S Assistant (EHSA), a safety management system that contains a training module. The EHSA training module hosts our online content as well as personnel training profiles, training histories, lecture training registration, certificates, and will send notifications when training is due. This system will fully replace CATTS.

What does this mean for you?

For Personnel who use CATTS

When your training is due you will receive a notification from EHSA with a link to all safety training courses you are required to complete. You will be able to complete your online courses through the EHSA Online Training Module or register for any lecture courses needed through the EHSA Training Registration Module. Please see the EHSA User Manual for instructions on accessing training. 

For Supervisors and HR/Department Administrators who use CATTS

We are working on providing you with the same level of access you had in CATTS in the EHSA training module. However, some of these same capabilities may not be fully functioning right away. We will be working on dashboard functions with compliance data by department, by course, and the ability to export reports towards the end of this project rollout. We will make every effort to provide the same information to you with enhanced functionality. If you need training verification for any of your staff, please contact and we will provide you with the information you need.

We ask for your patience during this transition and will keep you updated as we progress toward our goal of providing a user friendly safety learning management system. If you have questions or concerns, please feel to contact us.

If you are interested in helping us test the system, please email We would appreciate your help!